Fall 2016 Re-Cap April 11 2016

Now that Fall Fashion Week 2016 is behind us, lets do a little re-cap of the seasons hottest trends!

-Punk. Think studs, grommets, leather and ripped T’s, mini skirts, oversized baggy jackets. Think Alexander Wang.

-Goth. White makeup, black eyeliner, foot high platforms, shrunken band sweatshirts with crocheted collars giving the femme touch, and huge billowing skirts. Think Marc Jacobs.

-The Renaissance. Think velvet, huge bell sleeves, corsets and lots of make up! Think Gucci.

-Menswear. Lots of pinstripe suiting, in long and lean looks. Think Max Mara.

-David Bowie tributes. Chunky sole platform boots and lots of sparkle. Think Vivienne Westwood.

-80’s Off The Shoulder. One shoulder dresses and tops with tons of ruffles took the spotlight this season. Think Isabel Marant.

-New Innovative Handbag Straps. Wearing your purse around your neck, waist, and snugly under your armpit popped up on the runways this season.

-Lastly-Awesome Gloves. One reason to love cold weather-embellished, ornate and over the top gloves make the outfit this season. Urstadt.Swan will keep you supplied with that…….

Author-Lauren U.